Saturday, August 21, 2010

Supplements ... anyone ?

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There came a time when i needed to take supplements. Supplements are needed, now that you're a vegan and i am too. Supplements help supply enough vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. A vitamin B12 supplement is important because we can't get enough B12 from plant sources alone.

Where can i get B12 when i'm not taking supplements ?

* Cereals that are fortified
* Soy products that are fortified like :  meat substitutes (veggie meat)
                                                          Fortified soy milk
Iron is also necessary to take but i don't take iron supplements. I just eat foods high in vitamin c like orange and kiwi so that iron can be absorbed easily. Iron is needed so that the oxygen can be carried along the bloodstream.
So where else can i get iron?
* green leafy veggies
*whole grains

Calcium is another nutrient that is needed so that our bones get healthy and strong. Calcium is also needed for strong teeth.
Where else can i get my calcium ?
* nuts like almonds
* green leafy veggies

Iodine is also needed. Iodine helps in thyroid functions.
Where can i get iodine other than iodine supplements ?
* iodized salt
* kelp

Vitamin D is obtained with sunlight. If you don't always get adequate amount of sunlight then a vitamin D supplement is necessary.

Protein supplements are also necessary to take but i don't take protein supplements at all. I can get protein from:

* nuts and seeds
*soy foods

So there is also another type of nutrient called fatty acids but i don't know much about it. I will research more on it. I don't take fatty acid supplements and i feel fine. I only take B12 supplements and iron supplements actually. I can get otehr nutrients and vitamins from the foods that i usually eat everyday. I needed to take supplements because the doctor told that i should. He prescribed a B12 supplement and an iron supplement for me.

One doctor, i'm not telling who he or she is told me that i'm too young to be vegan. I didn't listen to her at all. I just walked away and said to myself "I can do this, that's your opinion and i can't stop now." I never really found myself stopping i just continued with my vegan journey. I still took my supplements so i assume that i'm perfectly fine.

Lesson for me:
Take the right supplements, follow my heart, save animals and be a happy vegan.


The Benefits of going vegan

People ask me why am i vegan and i told them i do this for ethical reasons and people also ask me what happened to me when i started being vegan. Well, i answered their questions. I tried to tell people that veganism is good for the mind, body and also for the soul.

They didn't want to try veganism because they think it's very hard but when you get into a deep conversation and when the person is interested in what your topic is, which is veganism then you must tell them the benefits.

Some people when they hear the benefits of a specific thing or diet, they would try it.

So when i went vegan there are a lot of things i noticed within myself and how i deal with people and animals. These are the benefits of veganism ( from my point of view)

#6 You're pretty light
I feel as if i can move around easily. I can go from the kitchen up to my room, from my room to the garden and from the garden to my friend's house. I actually never get tired that easily. I have a lot of energy.

#5 Cooking Mama
Ever since i was younger i hated cooking. Whenever i went in the kitchen i would always get shooed away by my nanny or my mom. I was never allowed to cook anyway. I was banned from the kitchen. Now, i'm vegan i learned how to cook meals. My mom allowed me to use the kitchen for baking and cooking my own food. I bought a vegan cookbook called "Super Market Vegan" it helped me be an independent person. Even though i already have the cookbook, i still love our very own Filipino dishes. I tried veganizing Filipino food like Adobo and Lumpia.

#4Snoring-- not!
I stopped snoring when i went vegan. My mom told me that it was because i exercised a lot in the morning during summer and my mom told me that i lost the excess fats. That's nice because my dad and i used to have a snoring orchestra during the night but after i went vegan my dad was the only one controlling the orchestra.

#3 Smoother skin
Because i don't eat too much greasy food after i went vegan my skin became smoother and i had less pimples. I only have 1 pimple right now. I don't use lotion that much because i usually am in a hurry to go to school and i don't have time to put on lotion so even though i don't put on lotion my skin stays smooth.

#2 Weight loss
I lost my extra weight.

#1 Helping a lot of animals
I went vegan for ethical reasons. The number 1 benefit of being vegan is that you help animals. That's what matters to me. I've been vegan for 9 months and it's truly a nice thing to know that you're a part of a vegan revolution going on and that you're making a difference in the lives of animals.

My classmate told me that there are more meat eaters than vegans. Why are you still doing this ?
I told her that i wanted to make a difference and yes there are a lot of meat eaters than vegans but it's better to start now than later.

Vegan for the animals!

Favorite Vegan Foods/Drinks in Restaurants

I've compiled a few of my favorite vegan drinks and food from restaurants here in the Philippines and i wanted to share it so here it is:

#1 Starbucks -- Soy Latte

#2 Piazza Pazzo --- Sorbet

#3 Green's Cafe --- Vegan Chocolate Cake

That's it for now :) i need to find more photos.