Saturday, August 21, 2010

Supplements ... anyone ?

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There came a time when i needed to take supplements. Supplements are needed, now that you're a vegan and i am too. Supplements help supply enough vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. A vitamin B12 supplement is important because we can't get enough B12 from plant sources alone.

Where can i get B12 when i'm not taking supplements ?

* Cereals that are fortified
* Soy products that are fortified like :  meat substitutes (veggie meat)
                                                          Fortified soy milk
Iron is also necessary to take but i don't take iron supplements. I just eat foods high in vitamin c like orange and kiwi so that iron can be absorbed easily. Iron is needed so that the oxygen can be carried along the bloodstream.
So where else can i get iron?
* green leafy veggies
*whole grains

Calcium is another nutrient that is needed so that our bones get healthy and strong. Calcium is also needed for strong teeth.
Where else can i get my calcium ?
* nuts like almonds
* green leafy veggies

Iodine is also needed. Iodine helps in thyroid functions.
Where can i get iodine other than iodine supplements ?
* iodized salt
* kelp

Vitamin D is obtained with sunlight. If you don't always get adequate amount of sunlight then a vitamin D supplement is necessary.

Protein supplements are also necessary to take but i don't take protein supplements at all. I can get protein from:

* nuts and seeds
*soy foods

So there is also another type of nutrient called fatty acids but i don't know much about it. I will research more on it. I don't take fatty acid supplements and i feel fine. I only take B12 supplements and iron supplements actually. I can get otehr nutrients and vitamins from the foods that i usually eat everyday. I needed to take supplements because the doctor told that i should. He prescribed a B12 supplement and an iron supplement for me.

One doctor, i'm not telling who he or she is told me that i'm too young to be vegan. I didn't listen to her at all. I just walked away and said to myself "I can do this, that's your opinion and i can't stop now." I never really found myself stopping i just continued with my vegan journey. I still took my supplements so i assume that i'm perfectly fine.

Lesson for me:
Take the right supplements, follow my heart, save animals and be a happy vegan.


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